las vegas nevada

by miriam
(las vegas,nv)

I used to go to the choo choo child care. I have had experiences as a child w/ the boy they are speaking of. My mother was disturbed about this & spoke to my stepfather, it had turned out that it was his aunt & uncles previous home before being turned into a daycare & they used to play on those trains together.i did not know him too well however i liked him as a child & he used to fun play w/ me. I knew it was him @ this child care & it was confirmed -more so by after finding out my dad's relatives had owned it as a gouse before it was a daycare. My mom was so disturbed I was not allowed to go back. Throughout the years I have not gone back & it is locked up, closed.this choo choo child care popped up after looking on internette about looking for day cares that are open late @ nite for my almost 2na half year old son that is obsessed by trains but have not slep as I feel it/he is trying to get a message through. Maybe it is that he was not a boy that died by the train but was where he was most happy as a child. Maybe time for him to move on?? However the person that I am certain that it is, death was sort of a mystery. If u care to contact me for further information I believe my email is attached. This place is very old. I went there about 30 yrs. Ago or so. Thank you.

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