The Lamothe House Hotel, New Orleans

The Lamothe house hotel

The Lamothe House Hotel

621 Esplanade Avenue

New Orleans

Louisiana 70116

Tel: 1-800-367-5858

Fax: (504) 943-6536


The house was built circa 1839 as one of the first double townhouses to be built in New Orleans. Over the years the house saw many changes to its interior, with various owners redecorating and modifying the existing structure.

The building has remained largely in the ownership of the Lamothe family, it now operates as a hotel.


Guests have often reported seeing the apparition of a woman wearing a red dress of the 1800's period emergin from one on the upstairs rooms.

She is probably the most commonly experienced ghost at this location. Other tales of hautings include that of children laughing in the middle of the night, ana a woman who is thought to be their mother walking the hall ways.

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