Lafitte Guest House, New Orleans

The Lafitte guest house

The Lafitte guest house

1003 Bourbon Street

New Orleans

LA 70116

Tel: 504.581.2678


Built in 1849, this French Quarter guesthouse, has been meticulously restored to offer every modern convenience. This grand lodging experience offers a variety of options within its 14-room facility.


There is one ghost at this location who appears quite often to scare staff and guests alike, she is a little girl named Marie who died in a yellow-fever epidemic who reportedly appears in the mirror outside of Room 21, which used to be her mother's room.

It is also said that her mother was too upset when "Marie" died to leave the building, and still occupies her old bedroom. There are also reports of mysterious lights appearing all over the building when it is unoccupied, could this be the spirit of Marie playing around the property?

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