kyra(my name) my house in colorado(location)

by kyra
(conifer, us)

my first encounter with a ghost. i was 9 years old and my door was wide open. i was staring into my sisters room till i saw my great gandmothers ghost.she waved at me. i couldnt really see her face but it was real. then it faded as my mom walked through it. my second. i was 10 and it was winter so i had a space heater. then the heater started to move. it moved closer and closer till i could touch it. i made shure i wasnt dreaming so i touched it. i burned my finger.the next day i looked at my finger and it was blistering. it was real.

the third. i was 12 and it was about 12:00 i heard a loud beeping sound so i looked up. i saw several faces swirling around me.and ever since when i look into the dark i see the face of a little girl.

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