kylyn m. cox someplace on mandeville avenue ( don't know the exact address) true story

by kylyn
(carrollton georgia)

my mom's words. there used to be this father who had like 2 kids ages 7 and 1. the father used to put the baby in a high chair and face the chair to the wall. i think he used to scream at the 7 year old to stop playing with her toys, because that's what i heard at night. i used to tell my mom to make the bad man stop yelling. she assured me there was no one at the house, but then i guess she heard it too. the father put the high chair into the attic. my mom went up there and it was in the middle of the floor. she dragged it to a corner of the room. she came back up 2 minutes later cause she heard noises up there and the chair was in that spot again. i also slept in a crib till i was 6( i used to roll out) and i often woke up in the middle of the night to find a spectral girl looking down at me, as if wanting to eat my soul. we ( my mom and i) felt spirits in that house. when we sat down on the couch, we felt someone sit down next to us, but no no one was there.

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