Kristi From Texas

by Kristi W

This is my story, It's not really a "Ghost Story" per say but it is a strange event that I cannot explain. So I was in middle school 7th or 8th grade I can't remember. Anyhow I was really good friends with a new girl in town from school named Andrea she was pretty cool and lived near the school in a very old converted Farm house that had pretty much been kept up with pretty well as it had all original wood floors maybe new tin for the roof and paint for the walls but other than that it was totally original. I liked Andrea's house it was weird there was her mothers and disabled sisters room down stair's off the living room, then there were some steep stair's in the kitchen that went to the upstairs to bedrooms with no railing on it. What was weird is there was like a cabinet but very large- and you could fit in it if you wanted too, sitting down of course or crawling. But the closets in this house were abnormally large to what I had been accustomed too. They literally could fit a twin mattress a night stand a lamp and a small dresser into each room. Her mother was single, struggling to take care of two teenage daughters and a 7 yr old that was disabled. So their house wasn't furnished we'll. In Andrea's bedroom her mattress lay on the floor with no box spring or frame. No fitted sheet, Just a sheet and another heavier blanket for when it was cold it literally looked like a flop house. Nothing on the walls except maybe a Nirvana Poster or two, No clothes in the huge closets just a few odds and ends. The other weird thing about the closets is that if u went

into Andrea's closet you could get to her sisters closet or into the big "cabinet type" thing at the top of the stairs it was really a weird house. So anyhow we come home one day and we are going to smoke some herb because it was the 90's and we listened to Nirvana and NIN and we basically just being dumb teens. So we are in her closet the door open and we take a few hits when she say's to me "I can do this thing and put you in a trance" and me always being a skeptic replied with “what? No you can't try it" So in this strange kind of tone she starts to laugh, Like literally a weird not her usual laugh kind of laugh. And I'm staring at her like???

But I can't take my eyes off of her and this laugh become's a chant the same tone the whole time... & I feel myself losing consciousness. All of a sudden I'm like Literally out of my body looking at myself and Andrea in the closet about 8-10 feet in the air floating and as I'm looking at us sitting there I became aware that this was NOT! Right! And at that moment I woke back up sitting there in the closet with her staring at me saying "Hey are you ok??" I really don't think she believed the story I told her but I did tell her right then and there "Don't ever do that to me again". And she laughed (her normal laugh) and I never again have experienced anything like that since- as far as "Paranormal" is concerned. I've no Idea what happened that day. I know it was some kind of "Out of Body Experience" but why or how it happened I'll probably never know.

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