Kornthal Churhc Rd, Jonesboro, IL

by HLW
(Anna, IL, USA)

Kornthal Parsonage ( House by the Church )

Kornthal Parsonage ( House by the Church )

This road and the house right beside the church is really haunted and by haunted I do mean haunted by evil spirits of the dutchman that used to live there you can read more about it on google and find the blogspot for the hardheadeddutchman but it wont say nothing about a haunting but me and a few friends been going there back and forth lately with our ghost radars and emfs we have and been getting ALOT of readings and a few spooky thing about that house is if you park your car in front of it and turn the lights off you will see shadows in the windows and turn the lights on youll see hand prints on the windows.

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Make it scary. Seriously, make me want to sleep with the light on tonight

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