knowlton drive haunted house

by mckayla hamblin

The haunted house is right across the street from my apartments there was a full family there befor the murder.

two kids a mom and a dad all farmers, the murderer killed the mom and the two kids and tied the dad to a chair to watch his family died.

he would have still been a live if he didn't murder him self in his own back yard the murder killed him self right after the family.

my expirince is one day me and my frinds were playing truth or dare they dared me to go in the back yard so i did and i seen a black shadow standing by the tree the farmer hung him self on the rope is still there he looked mad so i left.

the next night i went back to look around i seen a tall guy walking around it looked like the farmer but with a ax so i left running.

i havent been back to that old house in days but i still take pics all the time and i get millions of orbs around the house red ones mostly.

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