kindly old woman

by concerned wiccan
(brazil indiana)

in the graveyard of oak town Indiana. i was using an ouija board i constructed from a crystal pendulum and a set of numbers and letters in a semicircle.

i started by asking if anyone wanted to speak the pendulum swung over yes.when did u die i asked . 1-9-5-5 .what do you want to convey i asked. y-o-u-m-u-s-t-l-e-a-v-e-n-o-w-!.

i ask why and it says h-e-s-c-o-m-e-i-n-g-r-u-n-n-o-w.

i looked up and saw a bright orange outline pointing toward the road. so i grabbed my pendulum and ran scared out of my mind and screaming .

the next day i returned to find my board .it had the letters run burned into it
so i left without it.

three days later i had a dream .an old woman stood over my bed and said "never return to my grave or hell find you". i listened that time.

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