Keystone Heights - Camp Immokalee

by Harrison
(Jacksonville Fl Usa)

Legend has it a boy named nick was bullied there and he stayed behind for the activities one day saying he felt sick and he hung himself in flickers cabin. If you don't believe in Nick he might just take you down like he did too the kids that bullied him... If you anger or touch his cabin he might also take you down. One time a little girl thought it would be funny if she kicked flickers cabin so she did and her day went on till the next day her leg was broken during an accident in one of her activities. So don't piss off Nick...

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Jun 15, 2015
Creepy NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm currently at Camp Immokalee for my 5th year and this story is always told and it never fails to creep everyone out. I feel so bad for Nick and I've actually been inside of the Flickers cabin and the ropes (or vines) that he hung himself with are still on the ceiling. I was there the day the girl broke her leg too. She thought it would be funny to kick the cabin and later that night she slipped in the shower and broke her leg. There have been many other incidents with people messing with the cabin and getting injured. So I'm proud to go to a haunted camp, and this story is true.

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