Are ghost real? I have asked just about everyone and some say, your just crazy, stop watching t.v! Others say yes, I have encountered some real Life experiences with ghost, or may you say spirits. It all started when I was 12 My grandpa lived in Kentucky, he just got married again to his last wife, I would honestly say cause he was about 53. Well Me and my family moved back home to Georgia When I was 12, at the time we was living in Kentucky. So a year passed as we lived in Georgia.

I want to say it was on a Wednesday when My dad and his sisters received a phone call. My grandpa just had his second heart attack, He wasn't doing good, they didn't think he was going to make it. At the time my mom worked and us kids couldn't miss school that was a BIG thing for my parents, never miss a day of school Education is really important. So my dad called his sisters after the terrible phone call.
They all agreed to pack there things and leave that day all on one car, a 12 hour road trip. The road trip wasn't a good trip, as they where almost to Kentucky I want to believe it was like the 8th hour they received another phone call. Mr.... I am so sorry for your lost, My dad just hung up. Heart broken empty inside saying push the gas pedal harder we got to get there!! Well when they arrived there they had him on the table still, my dad said he was cold, and blue like he was living in a freezer and his oxygen was cut off for hours.
Later that night my father called my mother, telling her the bad news. Well that night us kids and my mom stayed up watching t.v until about 2:30 In the am. At the time me and my sister shared a bedroom cause it was 7 of us altogether. Now, my parents wasn't big on cell phones, or Ipods or anything like that. It was education came first! Well at that time I owned A pic ipod and I loved me some Miley cyrus, taylor swift, all them teen singers. Well I never kept my ear buds in my ipod I always
took them out and layed them on my dresser.
That night we went to bed like I Said, sleeping good id have to say, when all of a sudden I heard this song playing! I awoken my sister and she looked at me like what is that? I had no clue, my heart was racing, I started to sweat! I turned the light on, and opened my dresser cabinet, where I kept my ipod. Somehow in someway the ipod was on playing I miss you, By Miley cyrus! With no ear buds! I was like how could this be? I didn't think it was possible. So I turned the IPod off and ran into my moms room screaming and crying, she was worried and asking me what was wrong. I just couldn't explain to her what me and My sister just encountered! So we get in bed with her and fall asleep. Trying to clear my mind saying it was a bad dream, nothing happened any more that night! I woke up the next day I want to say 10:00 am, getting enough courage to go back into out bedroom, to hopefully think I was Just dreaming.
I walked over to the Ipod that I turned off and through across the room, while it landed my pictures frames of just about everyone in our family. The ipod was turned over and I still could hear something playing. I picked up the Ipod and It was a picture of me and My grandpa, when we went on a fishing trip back in Kentucky. Still playing that SONG!!!! I ran to my mom and showed her, but she didn't believe me. So I passed the Ipod off to a friend of mine. Two days passed my dad and his sisters came back, they flew my grandpa on a plane back to Georgia. Well the day of the funeral they folded the Flag for him because he was in World War II. They started to play the trumpets, which was funny cause none of them wanted to sound right. So they kept trying to there best to play them at his funeral.
Till this day I encounter what most cant seem to believe or see like I do, I want to get ahold to someone who has the same Gifts as I do.

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Jun 10, 2015
by: ~JC

I read your article and wanted to address your concern about finding others with the same gift you have. From what you wrote, I don't know whether it's so much that you, "have a gift" (your sister heard the music too, right?) as it seems to me that your grandfather was GIVING you the gift of letting you know that he still loves you and misses you, even though he has shed his physical body and moved into the spirit world!

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