kaylee maire hernandez saint george utah

by kaylee marie hernandez
(saint geroge utah )

i was about 13 with my sister shea who was 12 we lived in our home in cail and since we had been left alone so many times it was no promble for us but this time was diffrent way diffrent when we were watching tv all the sudden there was a brezze coming in the room which did not make very much sence since all the windows where shut all the sudden we heard crying it sounded like a baby crying shea looked up at me whats that asked shea all i could do was shake my head i had no idea where the crying was coming from lets go fine out said shea grabbing my hand i really did not want to but knowing shea she would go with out me or with so i let her lead me to the source of the crying the crying was coming from our little sisters room shauna she died at four months as we enter her room we noticed that shauna rattle was on the ground but that was impossible because we had not been in this room since shauna had died what in the world said shea picking up the rattle to put it away as she was doing that we heard to most loudest cry ever though the room it was so loud that we had to cover our ears it hurt.

we both ran out of the room only to hear a voice it sounded like a little girl that was just learning to talk it kept saying sheaylnn kaylee sheaylnn kaylee over and
over whose that asked shea the voice answer shea question oh dont you rember me big sis its me shauna said the creepy little girl voices right away we knew that wasnt true shauna had never learn to talk before she had died we were feeling very creeped out by now show your self said shea being the brave one at the moment all the sudden a girl showed up in front of us out of thin air scaring the heck out of us she looked like shuana she had her face she had her hair in pigtails and was wearing a light pale pink dress dont you rember me oh did you want me so dead that you forget me said shuana no no we loved you said shea oh really why you let me die huh why did you let me die said shuana now screaming we were about to replied back when our parents came busting in the girl know as shuana was gone both our parents came to us and hugged the life out of us they said that they heard everything and was trying to get in the room but the door would not buget me and shea talked our parents to leaving this horrible house behide so we moved a year later leaving all of shuana stuff behide we did not want a return visit from that little girl that looked like shuana agin my name is kaylee i am 17 and sister 16 and we havent heard anything from that little girl since and we hope to keep it that way.

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