K. Morgan

This is going to be a list of things that have happened to me.
One night, it was in the year either 2012 or 2013 at the time. So I was maybe about 7 or 8 years old. And I do declare, that night was the SCARIEST night of MY ENTIRE LIFE! But I am 12 now, so it doesn't scare me as much to think about it. That was the first paranormal experience that had EVER happened to me. Mom and Dad had gone to bed at about 11:00, I had woken up at about 10:50, and I was restless for some odd reason. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't, I felt like someone was watching me. While I was lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, I thought I had heard something in the hallway. It sounded like the jingling of a dog tag. All at once, the thought of my Grandma's dog, Lizzy, popped into my mind. I'm scared of ghosts and the paranormal, so I nearly froze in my spot. After about 20 seconds, the sound subsided. I sat up in my bed, just waiting for something to pop up into my face, but nothing did. I got out of bed, and went into the hallway to see if anything was there. There's four rooms in the sides of the hall, me and my sister share a room, my brothers share a room, so that's room number two. The third room is the bathroom, and the fourth was our parents room. The light was off in the boys room, the bathroom, and my parents room. I can't remember if I had turned on my lights in my room, but I PROBABLY did because I was a scared little kid back then. I went into the den to wake up Mom, because at the time was about 2 in the morning I'm guessing. THEN in the reflection of the window my Mom is sleeping by, I see the reflection of a tall, black, hooded figure. And no, I DIDN'T see the Grim Reaper. The thing looked like a blob, but it had a little bit of shape. I'm guessing that it either was a bit taller or shorter than I was at the time. And I chickened out and ran BACK into my room! I tried falling asleep, but all I could hear were footsteps in the den. We have a tile floor, so it sounded like my Dad's work boots. Then the sound just stopped in it's tracks, seriously. Then something that REALLY spooked me out BAD happened at about 4:45 in the morning. I was laying on my stomach, and I felt something like a cat walking around on my back. BUT the problem with THAT is, we don't HAVE cats! We don't have ANY inside pets! So I just laid on my bed, scared out of my wits! Then I turned back onto my back, and I blinked. But just before I blinked, I saw a BIG black thing that looked like something out of the Phantom of the Opera swoop down at me. I ducked under my blanket. And eventually fell back asleep at about 5 maybe 6 o' clock.

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