Just a few updates

by Mark
(Detroit, Michifan)

Hello. I am not certain whether or not you have received updates on any of these yet, so I thought I would chime in. Four of these have already been revealed as hoaxes. They are:

1) Burning building ghost - known as the Wem Hall ghost, the figure was taken from a 1922 postcard by the photographer before he died in 2005. This is a famous hoax and can be found all over the Internet.

2) S.S. Guard ghosts - This photo was taken from the S.S. Watertown in the 1920s and has garnered that name for that reason. Many inconsistencies led to the eventual exposure of this hoax many years ago, although its authenticity continues in hot debate. The back story is an intriguing one, which keeps people interested.

3) Ghost in the Doorway - This is actually a overlay of an image of Jim Morrison. The photographer created the story, and the image, to draw attention to himself, which he did. He subsequently admitted to the image's fraudulent nature.

4) Newby Ghost - Apparently, the Newby Church was discovered through research to never have existed. A close analysis shows the picture to have been staged as well.

Sorry, but I have no links handy to provide to you (although I have the links, I cannot presently access them), but they can be found on the Internet. Still, I will leave that up to you. I merely wanted to bring your attention to the updates.

Take care and keep up the great work.

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