by josephine powell
(milton keynes buckinghamshire )

My sisters bedroom has had a lot of things going on over the last recent months ,shadows dancing about at the end and at the side of her bed ,which I have witnessed ,also due to this going on she started to take photos in there and you can plainly see untold orbs only on the one wall ,if you take a picture straight after the orbs are in different places ,my sister today asked me to go home with her as someone or something was tagging on her cardigan last night as she was undressing which frightened her ,so onmy going with her today I asked her to take some photos of me whilst standing by the wall and as I was saying I'm not frightened of you she was clicking away ,when we looked afterwards there where around seven orbs on the wall ,a little after I asked my sister to stand against the wall as I took the pictures thinking as it was her room we would get a better responce ,as I started clicking I was shouting out show us the brightest lights you can on this wall ,I want to see very bright lights ,when we looked back at the pictures my sister was shaking and it made her cry because there was three of the brightest round orbs as bright as a light bulb ,one to hurt left and on the right side of her one smaller one and larger one underneath it ,,this actually happened on demand and they have been the brightest to yet

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