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There are two locations I would like to share. The first one is right outside of eight mile camp area there is an old pioneer grave site along the highway. My mother used to take me and my siblings camping during the summer one day we happened to stop on the old highway my mom told us to get out of the car. We did as were told my mom stared talking to this old man she had seen on the road side. I was only about 9 at the time and quickly lost interest in grown up talk. I happened to see someone at the corner of my eye. I saw a little girl my age wearing a pioneer type dress with a bonnet that had wild flowers in it. She was carrying it like it was a basket, she said hello and waved. I said hello back and went to say hi. I'm telling you I saw her as I would see anyone else. My dog Jetta even followed me to meet her we talk for a little while. As a child i have always worn a crystal even as an adult i carry one with me always. I remember her asking me where i got my crystal from it was a smokey quartz. I told her my mom gave it to me to keep me safe. she asked if she could see it and i took it off and handed it to her she tried it on and just as she put it around her neck my mom called. I turned to answer and when i went to tell the girl i had to go she was gone. When i was walking back i tripped over a rock and my foot sunk into

the ground when i went to see what caused me to fall. I realised that the rock had a name carved on it it was very faint but it said sara. I limped to my mother and her face grew very pale she noticed my necklace was missing i told her about the girl and my mom told me not to never ever talk to that girl again she is bad. When I was older my mother told me that there is was a family buried there and one of the children's names was sara. Sara had a part in killing her family but refused to tell me any further information. My grandmother started cleansing me with sage saying I had been touched by a force that is not pure. Sara apperantly has a habit of causing accidents to her frends. Even as an adult I will drive by there on my way to camping and will hear a little girl on my radio under static say hello jessy. My second exprience is in my now apartment in chubbuck. My next door neighboor died in her apartment while when she was living she would always ask me for cigarettes. Well every so often I will get woken up by a voice saying 'hey do you have any ciggarettes?' This building is very old and has alot of energy here polergist activity happens all the time where i live i have told my dead roommates that I'm more that willing to share my home with them as long as there is no harm done to me or my animals and I'm allowed to sleep at night. I have lived here for almost 3 years happily with my dead compainons my cats seem to enjoy them too.

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Jul 31, 2013
Nice Story Jess. NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad to hear about this one. think you told me about it before, be careful so nothing can hurt you.

Aug 09, 2011
by: Sylvia

Did you ever find or get the crystal necklace back again? or find it?

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