Jefferson Elementary School

(Muscatine Iowa )

I'm a on-call custodian for the district. I was trained at this school at the begining of the school year. I was blown away by the hard wood floors and the buildings structure. One day I was asked to clean this school on a Saturday night (I was aware this would mean I would be by myself). The function would take place in the school gymnasium and it would go from 4pm till 11pm. I arrived one hour early and decided to get the tables organized and setup in the gym. Later that night the host of the party explained to me that she would be ending her party early (10pm). I accepted and had to use the restroom. I didn't feel like using the restroom in the gym, so I decided to hold off. At about 10pm I had three trash bags left and my guests had gone home. I was by myself. I decided to use the school restroom located on the main floor above the gym. Mind you by then it was past 10pm and I was by myself. I was hesitant. I decided to go upstairs, even though it was dark and lonely. I felt uneasy and went anyway. As I returned from my trip to the restroom, the door leading out of the restroom would not open. I jerked it one way and another, back and fourth and nothing. I was by myself and I began to sweat and my heart raced. Finally I began to say to myself, "Jesus Christ please help me," (while stilling turning the door handle). Miraculously, I was able to open the door, and I was otta there, like a flying bullet.

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