Jeff Cooley Lebanon Ks The Geographical Centerpoint of the Continental United States

by Jeff Cooley
(Lebanon Kansas)

A friend of mine and I were sitting at the U.S. Center, sitting in his car, talking and listening to music. Out of nowhere I here a tap tap tap approximately 1o taps.

He as an Oldsmobile Cutluss where the door handles arent below the window, but to the side of the window.

Something tapped on the door handle, we thought maybe someone pulled up behind us and wanted to talk, but no one was there i looked in the side mirror, no one was there, after about 5 taps I looked out the window and there was a black mass, kind of a shadow of some like western cowboy or someone with a big brim on his hat..

it freaked us out, there was nothing there, we left and came back minutes later and nothing was there.

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