Jasper, IN

by Justin
(Jasper, IN, Dubois)

Due to my parents still owning the house I won't disclose the address. There is a house on 7th street that I lived in and I could hear a little girl whimpering on several occasions. I know of 3 for sure. The first time I saw her she came out of my closet her mouth was sewn shut with a hanger. She had on an older style dress as best as I would describe it. The second time I could here someone in the basement that was crying. I thought maybe my step sister was down there so I went down to see if she was alright and no one was there. I thought maybe it was the wind but no windows were opened. The final time I was in there at night my wife and I went in and there was crying coming from the basement again. We shouted hello and then heard footsteps but upon investigating no one was at the house.

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