by James
(united kingdom)

Hi, James here again, i have been capturing orbs again as they fascinate me, on the 27th november 2012 (hence last night )i set up my infrared video camera by my back door and sat and watched, after about ten minutes orbs started to appear, as always i didn`t take much notice as most of the orbs that i see are round, then this line of orbs appeared and started to move back and forward from the back gate to the back door,when they came close i froze the frame, what i saw was a string of orbs in a straight line, i have never seen these before so i pressed play and i could see them moving from end to end, all white ones, they then turned around and went back and forward in a figure eight from the gate to the back door, stopping the camera i went outside to see if there was any spider webs around , i couldn`t find any at all, so i picked up the sweeping brush and swept the fence ,the back door, all around the camera, and the area around the gate, ithen back inside and started the video again,low and behold they were back as plain as before,if someone out there could explain to me how to upload this video i would do so , i am 65 years old and i am very slow at learning things

my email is jamesfrayne1@hotmail.co.uk i am open to any knowledge on how to do this.

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