by jade
(barnesville Georgia )

They say that the sappington cemetery on bush rd in Barnes I'll Georgia is haunted. I have lived in Barnesville all my life, been out there more times than I can count, and only once did something happen, but it was enough to make me believe that there is truly there. When I was 17 my brother and a couple of my friends went out there at about sunset. One of my friends said they heard something in the grave yard so we all ran and jumped in the truck. When I went to put the keys in the ignition, they flew out of my hand into the passenger side floor board. Needless to say, it was a while before I went back

but there is a house on country kitchen rd, that ( I'm sure u will get arrested for being there if u are caught) but apparently it belonged to the sappingtons because its like somebody just up and decided to leave and left everything they owned. And there are pictures and doctors degrees with the sappington name everywhere. But amy way me and my husband wet out there one day just looking around, stayed out there for about 30 mins as we were on our way back to the car from the top of the house, where there is a loft with the window busted out we heard the weirdest sound I have ever heard. It sounded like a baby screaming mixed with a dog dying. I looked at my husband to make sure I wasn't trippin and he looked at me, we both ran for the car and got out of there in about 3 seconds flat. Everytime I go in there I feel a weird presence and hear things.y mom says its an old house and the sounds are just from it settling but trust me there is something in that house

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