Jacksonville ALHaunting in Gadsden AL

I just wanted to continue on the haunted hospital of Gadsden. Mountain View hospital. When it first opened, Mountain View was a hospital for tb (tuberculosis) patients. Whenever one would die, they would take them to the top floor which at the time was an incineration room, and they would burn the bodies. The hauntings of this hospital are rumored to be mostly from old patients like these. In the basement there are 2 angels. If you take the elevator down, turn the angel away from the elevator, ride back up then down again, the angel will be staring at the elevator again. There is a bed on the first floor that is bolted to the floor because patients complain that it levitates. They have completely bolted the door to the top floor and no one is allowed in it. There is a ghost that haunts the 3rd floor at night. And many shadow figures can be seen in the backyard at night.

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