Jackson, Michigan

My husbsnd and I lived in an appartment on First Street. It was creepy enough with as dingy and run down as it was, but there were some truely strange things that happened there. As soon as you walk in the front door you just feel mad and mean. The closet in the largest bedroom was always ice cold, even in the middle of summer, and though you would close the door and yank on it to make sure it wouldn't open, it would re-open on its own after you left the room. While in the kitchen and the back bedroom, you always felt as if something dark is watching you. While exploring the down stairs apartment, when the other tennents had moved out, we discoved a pentical painted on a wall in the basement. To this day I can't drive by that place and feel comfortable, I've spoken to friends who went through the ordeal with us, and they too have that same issue.

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