it was in a hotel in somewhere up south

by haley

one night my family was tired of driving and we hardly got any sleep. so we found the hotel and decided to stop here and sleep. we asked the cleark at the first desk if he had a room avilabe. he said ''well you guys are lucky we got one room avalibe.'' so he gave us the keys and we went to the room. the door creaked open. it was a really nice hotel. we unpack and we went to sleep it was about maybe 3 in the morning and the closet door started ratting and shaking my hole family woke up. we all went to the closet door to open it and all of a sudden it flew open. my family jump back. all of a sudden hands came out of the closet. blood driping from the called out BLOODING FINGERS BLOODING FINGERS! we all screamed packed up all our stuff and ran sreaming out. we turn the car engine on and drove off. the legend has it iif anyone rents that room fingers will be leaping out of ur closet saying BLOODING FINGER BLOODING FINGERS.

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