Is This Story True?

by Cora Regan Owens
(Noblesville, Indiana U.S.)

Hi. My name is Cora. 50 years ago, a girl (a cheerleader) was murdered in one of the school hallways. No one knows the true story of what happened or if its even real. The kids at (the present year 2012) the Noblesville-East-Middle School want to know the real story. I've asked one of the princpals and she told me that (from what she knows) the story is not true. Its all just a myth that was made up by someone. I've also asked a really good family friend, Michelle, (the cafe tray cleaner-one of them) if it was true and she said that it always comes up around halloween. So the real question is, what is the real answer to this whole thing? Alot of kids believe that its true, some kids even say that they've been in the "red hallway" or they know where the doors are. But here's the thing, when you ask one of the staff members about it, they all tell you the same thing,"Not allowed to speak about it." So who's telling the truth? There's a lot of questions waiting to be answered.

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Jan 24, 2012
how to find out
by: Nikole

if you are unsure about the truth to this myth, try researching it. if there was such a murder and it caused enough of a stir to still be talked about today, there should be some evidence of it. try your public library, look through old newspapers, it helps if you have a good idea of what time the event you're researching occurred. another way to research is to google it. seriously, or, or yahoo or whatever search engine you prefer. you might try also asking some of the older residents of the town. if someone went to that school around the time of the alleged murder and still lives nearby, you might try to set up an interview with them. although if you do, please BE SAFE people nowadays are weird and some are dangerous.

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