Is my Ghost Detector camera app playing tricks?

by Angeliina
(Lenexa, KS)

My 3yr old son has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming uncontrollably in our bed and last night I had a through to download a EVP ghost detector app to see what happens. There was a lot of activity in our bedroom and suddenly the app would turn the camera on and take a picture. These are some of the pictures that it took. I wasn't sure if the app was trying to hype up the sightings by faking the pictures, so I exited out of the app and went into my phones camera and took pictures. Nothing showed up in them. So you tell me?

There were words that would come up on the app and some of the words were names--Lauren (twice), Liam, Shane, Mitt, Jake (three times) and Shawn. I have sprinkled the house with essential oils and voiced clearing chants of a violet flame to blaze through my home...but there is still a lot of activity.


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