Is my ghost dangerous? I am scared of it.

by Lila Renee Emmons
(Montgomery, Alabama United states)

I am 11 years old almost 12 and my friend was at my house. We were video taping but my phone cut off before we could actually catch evidence. Anyways we were outside on my trampoline and it was a nice day NO WIND and nobody was outside but me and my friend Kayla. We were laughing and playing then suddenly BAM! The shed door closed and we ran inside! This isnt the first time we thought my house is haunted because we have heard noises in the kitchen and at about 2 or 3 in the morning you can hear a little girl giggling in the hallway. I once went outside and suddenly a shadow came by me and knocked me over. The little girl wears a bloody white nightgown, and she has black hair. Yesterday night I was all alone and I was video taping and when you watched the video you could see two white flashes in the corner. I don't like this ghost and I want to get rid of it. It scares me a lot.

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Apr 03, 2012
Let her tell you her story
by: Anonymous

Lila, Hello my name is Connie I live in Opelika Al. about 10 miles from Auburn(WAR EAGLES!!!!)We have a paranormal research team called TOS(stands for the other side)paranormal research team.If you would like you can look up our web site to see about us.First Lila very important NO witchcraft stuff no seanaces,tarot cards,or the witchcraft board VERY,VERY dangerous.If you would like with your PARENTS PERMISSION we would love to find out some things like the address and what has happened to you and other people.Lila,sometimes how they died may be the form they keep after death could have been a car accident,or something that happened on or around the area the ground the house stands on. If she wanted to hurt you she would have done ALOT of different kind of things sounds like to me she is wanting attention she sees you and your friend having fun and wants yall to notice her or you would not hear her laughing like you do.Sounds to me like she wants to be noticed and have fun or be included in you and your friends fun.She is doing in the only way right now she knows how to do it...Look sweetie you may call me and talk about this any time would love to talk to you we do our invest. for FREE and we have over 2500-3000$ worth of eqipment we have done over 100s of researches for people and other places...Connie Maddox 1-334-745-6477 or write on the webb site would rather talk to you and your PARENTS.....Looking forward to hearing from you and your family TOS PARANORMAL RESEARCH TEAM

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