Is it just my imagination?

by R

Hello, I am not going to state my name, just go by R. I am 13 and am terrified by the idea of ghosts, yet intrigued by it. I never wish to meet one with bad intentions or alone. I finally found a place to tell my experiences with some creepy things. Here we go~

When I was young, probably around 5 (I don't recall my age, for I barely remember the event)or 6, I lived 10 minutes or so from my grandparents house. My grandpa and Grandma for some reason were picking me up to go to their house. I don't remember why they didn't take my sister, but I was young. Anyways, I was in the car and we were at a 4 way intersection in a some-what wooded area. We continued driving and when we were passing the corner of the intersection, I was looking out the window and saw a large wolf or dog. We were in the car, so mind you I couldn't get a good look at it. All I remember is I sat up really quick and was telling my uncle about it when I got to the house. I have been always curious to what a wolf was doing in the Seattle area. There were sometimes coyotes where I lived, but not wolves.
I live in a new house now (we moved to a new area about 4 years ago and have been living in this house for about 2). Anyways, from my bed (facing the door to my room which is always open) I can see the top of the stairs. My mom wakes up pretty early and goes downstairs and I woke up around 6:00 and just was kind of laying in bed and looking around, just chilling. The lights
were off upstairs so it was kind of shady upstairs. I saw a figure(pretty tall) standing on the top of the stairs. I called out "mom" and the thing/person went downstairs. I layed in bed thinking my mom didn't hear me and pretty soon I saw the light go on upstairs and my mom walked from her room to the top of the stairs. I was really confused and wondered if the first person was my dad. I went downstairs and saw that only my mom was up. Weird,huh?
Once when I was home I was sitting on the couch downstairs and I heard footsteps walking around upstairs. I was terrified and called my mom. I refused to get off the phone until she was almost home.
My dog always will "see" something down the hallway, or on the staircase, or just in the corner and start barking and growling and looking all around. It really scares me.
This is the last one, today I was sitting here on the couch and I heard someone say my name. Like a whisper. And I looked around for I was with my family and I didn't know where it came from. I also was sitting here and I heard a crash from the laundry room. I waited in silence with my dog because my mom was in the garage working out and my sister and her friend were upstairs. When my sister and her friend came downstairs I asked if they could look in the laundry room to see if anything had fallen and they said everything was fine. And also, I heard a bang on my front door. That could have been someone maybe, but it happened right after the laundry room incident.

I am getting really paranoid... well, thanks for reading.

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