by alexis
(indianapolis indiana U.S.)

so im 13 years old and i was at my grandmas 2 months ago to stay the weekend. it was about 3:30 a.m in the morning and i was still awake because i usually stay up till round 4. well me and my cousin was the only ones awake in the whole house and we heard a little girl crying. we thought it was just the neighbors little girl. so we were about to go to bed until we heard something fall and break. we went to go see what it was and we couldnt open up the door. both of us kept on oushing it and it wouldnt move... so finally we just gave up. at that point we were freaking out because we are stuck in a room and we hear a little girl crying and we heard something break in another room. so we finally try to open the door again and it opened perfectly on our first try. it felt like someone was trying to keep the door shut the first time we tried opening it. so we walked into the other room to see what broke and nothing was broken. everything was exactly where it was supossed to be. so a few weeks ago i got a phone call from my cousin and she said hey i just looked up the past of grandmas house and a 4 year old girl died their because her parents threw a glass at her head and than locked her in a room. so since than nothing else has happened at her house

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