Indian Spirit

by Norman Slater
(26530 Plymouth rd lot 50 Redford Mi 48239)

I was working a part time job remodeling an old house off of Inkster rd in Livonia, one night while sleeping in my room I was adruply shook awake by an indian women dark figure and she spoke to me saying" There is something that I want to show you soon" I was shocked and closed my eyes shaking but when I opened my eyes she was gone. I thought maybe it was just a bad dream but a couple of weeks later I was working on that same old house outside above the frontroom window giving me sight through the house into the kitchen and through the large sliding glass doors where we were going to dig up and build a deck there, anyway as I was working I saw a women standing in front of those slidding glass doors in the middle of the day just standing there looking down at the ground but what freaked me out was she wasent just any women, she was my wife, even the jacket and reading glasses she had on but the problem was my wife was at work so who was this? I watched her for a couple of minutes but she just starred at the ground and when I looked behind me and back she was gone so I ran around the house and she was just gone. the thing is theres a fence around the back yard and I ran around the only way that you could go and I was there in less than 10 seconds so I called my wife and sure enough she was at work. I did some research and found that the only indians that lived in this area were the Potawatomi indian's and that historyians were looking for something called the "Black Stone" and a shrine with a copper pot that held a mysic value because they were called the "Keepers of the fire" and I found that the chief of this tribe and his son were murdered. but this was a women, giving it more thought perhaps she was the wife of the deciest Chief Tonquish. Whatever she was trying to show me I do not know but whatever it is it must have great value for her to go out of her way to show me, and from what I have read and learned she must have great power in order to show herself as a complete person in the full sun of the day. I have been researching and am trying to find a Potawatomi medicine man or women who can help explain what this spirit was trying to show me. If you know anyone who can help me please email me at or call me 313-937-5318. this place is not far from where historians have been looking for some valuable shrine " Black stone", I believe that she was trying to tell me where it is so it can be moved somewhere near her people in peace. Thank you. PS I was able to talk my boss into just adding a small 4x8 deck above ground where she was standing. This is a true story.

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Feb 17, 2017
Wow! NEW
by: ~JC

Your story is certainly a fascinating one. I think it is more likely, however, that you could be about to dig-up a Native American burial ground! This would explain what sounds like a sad demeanor in the spirits you've seen! This would be a very bad thing to do, and could arouse some extremely angry Native American Spirits! If I were you, I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of THAT scenario (nor would I want to be the one to unleash their wrath on the home owner!)

Best of luck,

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