india irfan thirupoondi

by irfan ajeeba



once up on a time one city was there one man was come to city he come for the city because old friend was there. he go to the friends house. home full of fill with spider web. he find the in full home disappear.he came out from the home and see one one grandpa was go there the one kill dead 5 years ago.he was shocked.where the dead place?he go to the dead place the diary was there.he open the diary the pages are bloody.he stand in place crying sound come. he ask who are you?he turn the head that

now he will that is his go .. you go.... the sleep in morning the grandma
ask who are you?i see friend night and he not see friend he is ghost
the disappear wish ghost will go.he thinking the grandma will disappear.he have kolaps
he came out from the place.he read the story and he now search .


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