I'm Sivek Arias I live in Aberdeen, Washingotn

by Sivek Arias
(Aberdeen, Washington)

To me, my life is very scary!! I can see ghost and is scares the p**s out of me.

I lived in this one brown house( a couple of blocks were Court Kobain lived).

I was in this house with my mom and i heard someone speaking really fast english. After the english i heard another language.

I dont know what language. That made me run to my mom.

well my sister, mom, and dad went to bed and the heater in a different room would go on and off.

My parents were freaking out:) So one day my cousin came over and we decided to go up stairs and play my ps2.

The room we went to was cold! But not as cold as the biggest room in the house. As we were going up stairs we seen a ghost.

When we seen the ghost we just stoped. My mom said it was like we stoped in our dead tracks.

The man looked like this. A white man, with his hair swiped to his left side, he was in a tux. A brown tux with black slacks.

The tux had Kind of a rectangle and oval shaped together.

There were only only two colors dark brown in the middle with light brown in front. It was all over the tux.

The man seen to be thinking because he sat on the stairs with his hand on his chin. Then all of a sudden he vanished.

That is the truth and nothing but the truth. If you dont believe me then contact me and i will take you there.

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