Illinois Valley Area

by Marissa
(La Salle, IL)

Many private home hauntings by word of mouth in our whole IV area.

East end of LaSalle, IL on Rt.6 - store haunted by a long dark haired woman in a long trench coat who was seen at that same location (before existing home was demolished) by the resident. She walks through the store and into the back room. A concerned employee went after her, but she was gone, with no other way out. She has also been seen as far as the North end of the city, aggressively coming up to a driver getting into his car just to stand and stare through his window, then dissappeared when he looked back.
There is also a tall man that walks on Rt.6 late at night toward the same store who also wears a trench coat(open),that flails in the wind. He is well aware of who watches him, and will bravely make eye contact.

Some men have seen odd or startling occurences on and old, old cemetery road off Rt. 6 in that same area.

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