I may have a residual ghost?

by Genesii Parson
(Brooklyn Park, MN)

I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend this past July. A couple months ago I started feeling uneasy and then started hearing strange noises. One day my boyfriend told me that he had been awakened in the middle of the night because he heard someone say his name. He said when he looked up he saw someone standing over him who disappeared when he blinked.

A couple nights later we were watching TV and all asudden he turned to our front door and gasped then said he saw a woman dreesed in a black dress come out of our hallway and go through the front door! I still didn't know what to think until the next night when I was up late and heard footsteps in the hallway. I knew it wasn't my boyfriend - I could hear him snoring. The footsteps came from our bathroom and paced the hallway - from there to the front door and back again over and over...

The next day my boyfriend told me that when he awoke early that morning for work he went into the bathroom and heard distinct shuffling footsteps coming from our kitchen. He told whatever it was to get the fuck out and heard nothing after that. I think the apartment is haunted but feel like it's just a residual haunt? What's your take?

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Jun 06, 2015
Careful NEW
by: Anonymous

No clue how new or old this is, but be careful. Calling a spirit or demon out never ends well if you are not sure how to handle them once you've called them. I would try to find someone experienced who could help you (or move).

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