i killed a murderer

Me and my sister were going to a prison to see our father. he was in there for having meth and we wanted to see him. when we got there, we saw someone being boked. i asked the gaurd who was taking us to our father, what the other dude was in here for. he said that the guy was a serial killer. we huried past but the guy said he would remember our faces when he got out. the guard told us not to worry, thta he was in for life. after the visit we went home. the next night i was watching a tv show when braking news came on. the guy that we saw escaped from prison. he left a note saying he would get the 2 girls he saw. i was wicked frightened and went to bed with a baseball bat with me. later that night i woke up to a scream. it was coming from my sisters room. i jumped up and took the bat to her room next door. there was a guy standing over her with his hands around her throat. i bashed him in the head with the bat, and he got off of her and started coming towards my. i wacked him in the head again. he fell and hit his head on a shelf. i searched him and found a knife. i plunged it into his heart. the next night i heard noises. i felt hands around my throat but no one was there. could it be the ghost of the guy i killed. i think i was.

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