i cant escape them

by lydia
(Brooklyn ny)

Hi this is more than a story it's my reality.

Ever since I was a kid I could sense things, especially spirits. My first memory is vivid. I was sitting on a chair that my mom got from her aunt after she passed away. I was sitting on it putting my socks on and the next thing I knew my sock was taken from my hand by an unseen being the sock remained suspended for a few seconds then landed on the floor. I thought wow! Magic. Later that week my pops was sitting on that very same chair...(him and my aunt didn't get along) my father started coughing and then grabbed his throat..turning blue..he was being choked... needless to say we through the chair out..
More recently I've moved to Brooklyn. I live in an old apartment building post ww2. From the first night I felt there presence. I see a woman a soldier and a boy. I get the feeling that they died there and smell smoke. So I'm assuming it was a fire. The boy is playful, he jumps on the couch or touches me when I try and sleep. He also moves things, that gets annoying. The woman is shy I almost never see her, the man who is a soldier is sad. I see his shadows he looks sad with his head down. I don't think i'll ever stop seeing them. It's my gift and my curse.

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