Hovander House Ferndale W.A

by Ann
(Ferndale Washington)

I went in their and immediately I felt Cold chills and like someone was watching me, after going in to the daughters bedroom who died from some young I wanted to get out but yet I didn't I wanted to see more. My friend said she saw the father in the mirror and I felt like there was defiantly something there. After exiting the house I was extremely creeped out like i never wanna go near that house again. my mom was there and I asked her about it she said her and her sister went in their a while ago and let me tell you my aunt does not believe in ghosts except for when she went in that house and my mom believes is spirits not ghosts but like an unknown presence but when my aunt and mom went up the stair case they both felt a very angry presence and to this day neither of them will ever go in that house.

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