House On Hunting Hills Road

by Pamela Grubbs
(Danville Va.)

My first husband and I lived in this old farmhouse on Hunting Hills Road. We both shared an experience there. It happened one night after midnight. He had been working second shift at the time. My husband hadn't been home but maybe ten minutes at the most. He wanted a sandwich so we had both went to the kitchen to fix us one. I was expecting our first at the time and was a little or maybe I should say really round. We took our sandwich to the living to eat so we could watch t.v. We had no more sit down when we heard footsteps walking upstairs above our dining room. There was no room above that room.

It or whoever walked all the way across the living room above us and started to the stairs. We had nothing to protect ourselves with so we quietly snook out of the house to go up the road to borrow something from his brother. His brother came back down with us and they looked around. There was no evidence of a raised window or anything else for that matter.
We wondered what or who it could have been as we were laying in the bed. I was laying on his arm while we were talking he reached over and rubbed my head. Bet you have never seen a pregnant woman roll up in the tightest ball you have ever seen! But I did! After the scare of the footsteps I forgot about my lying on his arm.
Later we found out that someone had hung hisself in the room above the living. If it is true or not I don't know. What I do know is that I had been there by myself the whole time while he was at work and never heard anything. I am so glad I didn't experience that by myself! Although I wouldn't mind seeing a "friendly" ghost. Maybe just not by myself.

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