House on Delia street, ludington mi

by Alexandra

Honestly not to sure where to start.. I live in a house on N Delia street in ludington mi, it's a two story house that's been around for more than 150 years. It has been recently remodeled and we moved in about 7 years ago but have owned the house for over 30 years. The house isn't so bad during the day but if it's at night and there is only a few people home or sleeping its a nightmare. I'm 17 and my sister is 27 she is into all the spirt stuff and frequently sees spirits, we have also played with the quija board many times in the house and have gotten many responses from it, what I have noticed the past year was everytime I walk up the stairs or go down them I get a very strong bad feeling some one or some thing is watching me and I've seen many black shadows as well as white ones when I'm walking up the stairs towards my brothers room that is directly at the top of the stairs and if it is a crack open, I have to sprint to my room and shut the door. My brother also has experienced things moving on its own and unexplained things being dropped on the ground to show up perfectly standing up right in the corner of his walk in closet. He also has our dogs and cats sometimes sleep in the room with them and sometimes they are looking straight into the closet growling and he gets up to look and there is nothing there. All three of us my sister brother and I have also woken up with unexplained scratches. I'm NOT making this up. I would have no reason to. Even writing this is bringing tears to my eyes and making my hands shake and skin crawl.. Could it be demonic? When we used the quija board we asked if it was going to to hurt us and it said no it was a friendly spirit?

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