by Carla Patrick
(Turley, Oklahoma)

There is allot of history in this small town History no one wants unlocked. There has been recorded torture back in the day of children and adults . The local food bank where they held onion festivals has a history too there was a murder of a local minister for no reason at all there . The food bank is now very active with children and a man who is very evil and hates women mainly .Also the Cherokee school was shut down for no reason and demolished then another school rebuilt it too was shut down mysteriously with no reason. There was a police department here who vanished without a trace . Now my house which is located next door to the Turley water company is very active as well . I have heard voices mimicking my loved ones and others including children not my own tho , knocks ,taps and had lights go on and doors unlocking themselves, also I have a very evil entity who resides here as well who the historian here thinks is linked to the local food bank aka church where the minister was murdered . My fiance has seen someone and experienced things too .My 20 month old son and I both have had our dreams invaded and we both wake from nightmares . They way I can tell with him is our room has had one recorded death and when my son is in their asleep alone he will wake screaming and terrified of whatever woke him up. I have had horrific dreams too of massacres blood baths murder and torture lots of it including dismemberment. As you walk on Owasso Street at night u feel eyes allot of eyes on u also feel fridged spots of cold . There are several other residents here who have had the same experiences as us with no reason as why all this is happening .I myself am a paranormal investigator never in my life have I seen so much activity in one town.Its overwhelming .


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Feb 25, 2021
Please contact me if you live in a Haunted house, or know of somewhere haunted please contact me on Facebook My name Is Markell graves
by: Markell Graves

Please contact me ASAP

Feb 01, 2019
5910 n owasso turley ok NEW
by: britttani kelley

i use to live in this home next to the red brick church and have heard and seen some of these same things explained in the above writtings and also captured on my security camera

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