house in almond wisonsin

by rebecca lefeber
(appleton, wi)

I have only personally experienced an unexplainable presence once, that I can remember.

I would be very skeptical perhaps, if it weren't for that house(those houses).

I was in 6th grade (I am now 28) when this happened.

When I was younger, I'm not too sure why, my brother and I would sleep on the couch when we were sick.

The house I am talking about was just plain creepy to begin with and downright disgusting before my parents fixed it up a bit we were kind of poor).

Anyways, I was sick on the couch trying to fall asleep. My parents bedroom and also my brother's( 2 years younger than I) bedroom were upstairs.

I had a dog "Sadie" that slept with my parents in their room (the door was always closed) My body was turned into the couch.

As I lie there, I suddenly felt something hard whack my back. I turned to see what it was thinking my little brother was up to something.

There was nothing there- except a tennis ball rolling away from the couch- at quite a fast pace. (There was always a tennis ball lying around for my dog.

My dad would throw it to her in the house.) Nobody was there, and the way the house was set up I would have seen the person who threw it. It was clearly thrown at me. Hard.

The house has a very creepy cellar, dirt floor, dirt walls. The woman who lived there before us died there, I believe.

It had been vacant for a long time. The house next door to ours was also vacant the whole time we lived there.

There was some weird stable looking building in the back. There was a butcher knife and other things, which I don't remember, lying around.

I have random nightmares about that place at least once a week. Usually the house that was next to ours.

Awhile ago, my brother told me that he also had nightmares about the house. An interesting fact about the area is that it is right next to Plainfield Wisconsin, which is where Ed Gein lived and commited his murders.

that is about all I can remember, except for my dreams which are always terribly horrifying.

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