House Hunting in Arizoa

by Lynn
(Northern Ca.)

I have been looking for a home to buy in Arizona. I have seen several times St.Germane standing in the front yard of homes for sale, also,a lot of orbs in homes for sale. I have finally found a home that meets my needs, however, it has a room full of orbs, don't know if buying this home is a good idea or not.Your thoughts on this topic (please) would be greatly appreciated. In other words are Orbs a good thing or not or will I be constantly bombarded by them?

email me at: (Lynn)
Thanks for any advice in house hunting.

P.S where I live now, there are several Merkaba's in the night skys and showed up approximaely one year ago. I have a lot of paranormal activity here, cabinet doors opening, loud knocking on the refrigator door, walls, etc. I got so fed up with all the constant distraction that I discovered useing Epsum Salts and rubbing alcohol, pouring several tablespoons of each into a metal bowl and lighting the contnts on fire. I found that it absorbs the entities and their negative energy. Then I can sleep. Make sure you use a pot holder under the metal bowl before lighting the contents on fire as it burns very hot, so don't try to pick up the bowl after the ingredients burn out, let cool for a while. There are many videos on regarding using Epsum Salts. So check it out. This method does work however, it needs to be done nightly before going to sleep to clear out the entities in your home. I want to know how to permently remove them.Does any one have any advice. I think I would like to remove any Orbs in a home before moving into it.

Thanks in advance for sharing your advice. Lynn

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