house haunting

by Rebbecah

Me and my sister came home at about 11:40 a.m. on wednesday, march 30, of 2011. We sat down on the couch and logged on facebook and played online games, on our laptops.

We were having a great time when all of a sudden we heard a big "BANG!!" in her bedroom.

We went to go check it out and herd another boom! in our bathroom. We walked in and saw that her robe was on the second hook when originaly it was on the first.

when we looked in these locations of the house we saw nothing. We wanted to see if some kind of spirit was in the house, so we opened up all of the cabnit doors in the kitchen.

we tried to talk to it and said.." If someone or something is here we want you to show yourself..." After that it slamed all the cabnit doors at once!! We were really scared so we ran into our moms room.

We were home alone so that made it even worse. We are only 13 so we didn't know much of ghostly stuff until we went on google and looked up stuff about them.

That is when we came to this website. It insired us, so we looked at the ghost hunting materials, evps, how to ghost hunt, etc. I also saw that we could submit a story so I thought that this was a good one.

As i am writing this I realize that this happened only just yesterday. I hope you enjoied our story. (WE DIDN'T).

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