hominy oklahoma

by shelby duncan
(hominy oklahoma u.s.a)

ok well when i was about maybe say 10 or maybe 11 the house right down the road from me always gave me the spooks well one day me and my dads closest friend fiance were drivin by because we were going to walmart in cleavland and we saw an old women like figure standing and looking out the window and well when we got back to town it wasnt yet dark so we decided to stop and go inside we dang near fell through the floor tryin to go upstais and then when we got in the upstairs bedroom the door violently slammed and then i said to the girl its time to go i have a badd feelin about this place please can we leave she said i guess and we left and come to find out the son of the mother and father killed the mom then dad and then found his baby sister in her clost and then he shot her in the head and then went in the basement and then shot himself.

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