H-m-m-m . . .

by ~JC
(Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)

The following are my reactions to the above ghost photos:

Lady of the House - Love this one AND what the paranormal investigator who shot it (pardon the pun please) had to say. It is so cool and sounds so valid and authentic to me!

On the Outside Looking In: If this one is for real, I'd be really glad that whatever it was was on the OUTside! (Seems a little odd to me as cats and dogs normally react extremely noticeably to paranormal occurrences of any kind.) Sorry.

Baily Homestead: Creepy.

Ghostly Hand: If this one is for real, all I can say is that I wouldn't want ANY hand reaching for MY child; size wouldn't make any difference!

Room Vortex: My daughter-in-law had these and caught them on video at night while spying on her teen-ager. My experience is that these anomalies baffle lots of people. My hunch? Spirit energy. Looks totally "for real" to me.

Second Room Vortex: My reaction is same as to the first room vortex.

Indian Girl Behind Dog: Eh! (Sorry)

Shadow Face on Ceiling: Looks like just a little too easy to accomplish with a projector at just the right angle.

Girl in the Background: I'm a bit suspicious, but could be.

Grim Reaper: What I want to know is whether or not anyone along that night DIED or not within the following year or so!

Up Riverside Cemetery: Not too sure about this one.

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