Hightstown, NJ-121 monmouth street

by unknown
(New jersey, hightstown)

As a child, I believed in mythical creatures. I also believe in the dead and the undead. My house is quite a few years old .

My parents and I liked to lurk through the house to see if there was anything worth while in it.
First you must know, when my sisters were little they had shared a room up in the attic. One day as my sister sat at her desk, she turned to find a little girl approaching her. After hearing this story, we rummaged in the attic. We came across some unique items, a girls valentine cards and her sixth grade homework.
Every time i went into the attic i had chills.
But i saw her, my brother shut the lights off on me up there because he knew i was scared. I had felt her presents wash over me. I turned the lights on and ran out the room faster than the speed of light. Every time i go to sleep, i imagine a little girl standing in front of me covered in blood. She had usually wore a nice yellow dress with a head band in her hair. I never found out about her but i know he was real.

story #2
I've always hated dark rooms, especially my friends enclosed laundry room. It seems that every time i pass it there is something lurking in the dark. Mainly an image of a little girl with her head down. Its an inexplicable experience and to this day I'm deathly afraid to even walk by that one particular room.

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