High Desert Orbs

by Kenneth
( Monroe, Oregon)

My nephew and I were star gazing from our campsite in Oregon's high desert. We saw two balls of light that looked like eyes glowing in the dark 100 yards down the hill and they were darting about like a cat playing with its' prey. We shined our LED lights on it and it stopped moving, then it slowly started moving up the hill towards our lights, like two big cats eyes slowing coming towards us. I said," You know it is coming this way don't you?" He ran and jumped in his truck to watch from there. I pulled my 1911 and fired seven rounds into the ground beside me to see what it would do. It stopped moving, then started towards me again. I inserted another magazine and fired seven more shots and it stopped moving. It did not advance towards me anymore. I watched it for maybe ten minutes as it bobbed up and down and moved from side to side ,but not advancing towards me. I finally climbed in the bed of my truck and went to sleep. My nephew said the "two eyes" stayed close to our trucks throughout the night. When I awoke next morning we walked all over the area where the "Orbs" had been moving and could find no tracks of any kind. That was a really cool encounter with something we have never experienced before in all the years we have camped and four wheeled the Glass Buttes areas. Very cool indeed. Our phones were on chargers in the trucks so we did not think to get any pictures. It all happened so suddenly and we were caught up in the moment. Perhaps they will be kind enough to show themselves again.

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Sep 27, 2017
WOW . . . NEW
by: ~JC

WOW . . . there is a book you have just got to read! The title is: Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., and George Knapp. These two authors (one is a scientist) went through some extremely similar situations to yours! But they go into it in depth and they research it in depth. All that they learn and experience is really something! I think you and your nephew would find this book utterly FASCINATING - especially after your experience!

Best to you,

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