Heritage Manor Nursing Home Shelbyville Indiana 46176

by Debbie Edwards
(Shelbyville IN.46176 USA )

My sister lives in a condo with her parking spaces just maybe 18 feet from one of the side doors of the nursing home.You can see down a long hallway from her back door and her parking space. At times she has seen lightning streaks like a lightening storm in there at night for about a half an hour or so at a time. Then just suddenly stop. Oh I for got to mention this nursing home has been closed for several years Now.So it is empty, but they keep a low hall light on so you can see down the hallway thats where the light show happened.I also have a daughter- in-law who works as a nurse on second shift at the next door nursing home the Heritage House which is owned by the same people .Anyway she said they have security cameras in the Heritage Manor that catch people walking the halls and when they send some one over to check it out they never find anyone.

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