Henryton State Hospital in Marriottsville, MD Southern Carroll County

by Marcus
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

First, It is illegal to go there so visit at your own risk. When you turn on marriottsville rd you go down to the train tracks. To get there you must walk about 30 minutes down the track and through the tunnel. When you get through the tunnel there is a house at the bottom of the hill. When you walk up the hill you are on the hospital's campus.
This hospital was a sanitarium (insane asylum). It is said that many disturbed spirits wonder the halls, campus, and woods around it. Rumors have it, that many mental patients were mistreated, neglected, even tortured! This place is very old and you can tell somethings not right when you walk up the hill and immediately get cold chills! If you go, stay away from the front of the building, there is a MD state police trailor and If they see you they will arrest you for trespassing. Above all be careful and enjoy your time.

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Jan 22, 2014
its all gone NEW
by: Anonymous

the hospital is now history they tore it down nothing left but the old wall in the back lot along with the power station at the bottem of the property even that is going to be removed soon its a shame that was a great place to visit but with all the fires taggers and vandals they got tired of it and got rid of the place I hope all the vandals are happy now jerks and may the sprits find peace take care all john

Mar 23, 2013
go now! NEW
by: Jennifer

Visit while you can. Henryton will be demoloshed in 2014

Jan 06, 2013
here's how it goes NEW
by: Anonymous

i am at henryton quite frequently and was actually there today. we went around 3 pm and when we go, we just walk around the gates on henryton rd and take the pavement all the way down to the building. this will bring you to the main building which people find most interesting. we park in the dirt lot just a few yards down the road. most people find it hard to get down the front path, but it actually just depends on how and when you go. i have yet to take a ouija board but i would definitely like to try that. best of luck on your adventure!

Jun 03, 2012
by: marcus

When you walk down the traintracks it takes you to the back of the hospital. The guardpost is in the front.

May 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Is it easy to sneak on

May 25, 2012
the guards
by: Anonymous

Is it hard to sneak pass the guards

Dec 03, 2011
part two
by: marcus

So, I went up henryton again. This time was creepy as hell. When we were walking on the second floor past a room, we heard movement in the room, noone was in there! Also, as we were walkin down the hill away from the hospital, we heard a girl scream. This scream was more vivid than anything I've heard there before. I might go again tonight if i do I'll share my experiences.

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