Hemet, Califonia

by Veronica
(Hemet, California, USA)

At a certain age I moved to Hemet, California from Los Angeles. When my family & I moved to a quiet neighborhood in a nice house we were acually relieved to be in a nice neighborhood with very nice people, but I didn't know it had a creepy secret... One night when my family came to Hemet from Los Angeles to see the house and to spend the night, they asked us "why is there always a man outside the house with his dog?" How they described him was very eerie... A man in black with a long trench coat, with a hat, like the kind of hat you would see in the movie "zorro" with his big dark looking dog with bright red eyes. I didn't pay to much attention until the next day when my aunt told me "who was that man in black in your room?" I said "what man!?" She then stopped talking to me. My grandma pretty much said the same thing. A week later I was getting ready to go to bed, I had turned my night light on and was slowly falling asleep on my right side. Then, in a whispering voice in my ear, i heard someone say "hey", but there was no body there. I turned to the other side facing my night light & since my bed is directly across from my night light it casts a shadow in the wall. As soon I was closing my eyes I saw the end of my covers lift up! Maaan, I was almost s**ting bricks. I was about to cry because after that I saw the bathroom door close very slowly like you can hardly see the door even move, but I saw it! No one believed me and that kinda got me mad lol.

Like, I love to hear stories about these, about people who experience things like this but I never imagined that I would experience something paranormal.

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